Photography: Dionisis Fournogerakis

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Unesco Group of the prefecture of Zakynthos

“UNESCO Zante Group “ is an Educational Scientific Cultural Association set in Zakynthos.
The main purpose of which is to contribute to the dissemination of the activities of the International Organization,
which promotes Culture, Education, Science and Communication.

Events 2019

Visual Arts Events: "The Laganas Bay: Spawning place, land of dreaming, place of reflection ", 2018 AND 2019

UNESCO Zante Group organizes visual arts events including a number of exhibitions (painting, sculpture, installations, photography etc) in various parts of the island, following the 2018 visual arts events.

The main concept of the visual art events are the following:
"The Laganas Bay:
Spawning place,
land of dreaming,
place of reflection"

This visual art events is a continuation of 2018 events.

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Address: Laganas, Zakynthos
Phone number: 6956481146