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The purposes of this group are:

  • to contribute to the dissemination) of the International Organization, which promotes Culture, Education, Science and Communication.
  • to organize workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Speeches, which are directly related to UNESCO's Priorities and Programs.
  • to propose, organize and implement (and through participation):
    • European, National, Regional programs
    • lifelong learning and training actions
    • social and environmental awareness aiming at a balanced and sustainable development
  • to promote social conditions and structures for the social integration of vulnerable social groups
  • to organize these events outside the prefecture, both in Greece and abroad.

Means of Achieving Purpose

The Group seeks to achieve its objectives by any legitimate and fair means.

Especially through:
(a) the organization of workshops, seminars, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, summer schools, films, trips and other scientific and cultural events.
(b) the creation of digital and non-cultural, cultural and informative material, e.g. newsletters, magazines, newspapers, websites, documentaries, digital stories, interactive sites, etc. and anything relevant to its event.

• scientific and cultural events• meetings• seminars• lectures• conferences• exhibitions• summer schools• screenings• travel• newsletters• magazines• newspapers• websites• documentaries• digital stories• interactive sites
Address: Laganas, Zakynthos
Phone number: 6956481146