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Postponement of the 1st International Digital Storytelling Festival in Zakynthos

07-07-2023 12:50


Dear member of the International Digital Storytelling Community
Dear colleagues
Dear friends  

During the very successful 11th International Digital Storytelling Conference in Washington D.C. (20-23 June, 2023), we had the opportunity to discuss with a considerable number of members of our community about the establishment of the bi-annual International Digital Storytelling Festival: DST-Zakynthos.

The International Digital Storytelling Festival DST-Zakynthos, proposed by four (4) Laboratories of three (3) Greek Universities, is scheduled to take place in the island of Zakynthos (echoing the successful organization of the International Digital Storytelling Conference 2018).

We all agreed that this initiative offers added value to our efforts on disseminating the diverse Digital Storytelling approaches and practice, complementing our conference meetings and allowing at the same time the exploration of novel aspects of DST. Moreover, with the Festival taking place in Zakynthos, the island can serve as a meeting point of reference for our community.

Thus, starting from September 2024 with the International Festival in Zakynthos, we decided to alternate DST-Conference and DST-Festival every two years. These are great news for our community!

Since our Conference took place this year, the 1st International Digital Storytelling Festival is postponed for September 2024 in Zakynthos (with a tentative date 13-15 September).

Please follow us at and stay in touch with our community.

On behalf of the Organising Committee of the DST-Festival, 
Professor Emeritus M. Meimaris

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